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        Tianjin Medical University Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics was founded in 2012 with Professor Xilin Yang as the current chairman. The department came from a combination of the previous Department of Epidemiology and Department of Health Statistics founded in 1957 and 1978 respectively. Under the leadership of old generations: Professor Guangyi Geng, Professor Zhenlun Wang, Professor Jianhua Wang, Ruotao Wang and Wei Wang, the department has developed into the key construction subject of the “211 Project” and the key subject of Tianjin, with the accreditation of PhD education and a station of postdoctoral research. The course Epidemiology is awarded the title “National Course of Excellence” and the course of the Health Statistics is awarded the title “Tianjin Course of Excellence”.  

        At present, the department has a faculty of 15 staff members, including 4 professors, 7 associate professors, and 3 PhD supervisors and 6 Master degree supervisors. Until now, 16 students have obtained PhD degrees and more than 100 students have received Master degrees from the department. The department owns a faculty with high quality-teaching capacity and in different age groups, among them majority hold MD, PhD or Master degree. The students come from a wide range of background majors, such as Preventive Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Nursing (different levels of nurses), Medical Laboratory, Optics, Rehabilitation, etc. We also teach undergraduate students and postgraduate students and overseas students. 
        The department has chief-edited versions 1 to 8 of the text book Epidemiology, the National Planned Teaching Book for Higher Education, versions 1 to 2 of the text book Preventive Medicine, the “115” National Planned Teaching Book for Higher Education. In the past 5 years, the department has chief-edited, deputy-chief-edited, and edited 60 text books or specialty books; undertaken 10 education reform projects with 20 articles on education reform published; obtained several national, Tianjin city level and the universality-level awards of outstanding teaching achievements; received 7 national research grants, 17 Tainjin city level research grants and other provincial level research grants, as well as 10 bureau-level research grants; published 250 peer-reviewed articles including 50 articles in journals indexed by Science Citation Index; and obtained 2 Tianjin Scientific Advancing Awards and 7 other research awards.