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Professor Guowei Huang

        The subject of Nutrition and Food Science in School of Public Health, Tianjin Medical University, was originally established by famous nutritional Professor Wenzhen Pang in 1978. The Department of Nutrition and Food Science was founded in 2012. The academic subject has been developed into the key construction subject of the “211 Project” and the key subject of Tianjin. The Department offers Master, Doctoral Degree and Postdoctoral programs in Nutrition and Food Science. The present Chairman of the Department is Professor Guowei Huang, the Dean of School of Public Health. There are 14 faculty members in the Department, including 5 professors, 5 associate professors and 4 lecturers, among whom 3 are PhD supervisors and 6 are Master’s degree supervisors.

         The mission of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science is to improve human health and prevent diseases through enhanced nutrition and food safety. The research field of the Department includes the relationship between nutrition and diseases, nutritional epidemiology, nutrition and neuroscience, requirements for dietary components and food safety. In recent five years, the faculty has undertaken 17 National Natural Science Foundation projects as the principal investigator of the project group, two of which are the key projects of National Natural Science Foundation. Additionally, they have undertaken more than 10 other projects, such as subproject of the National Science and Technology Support Program project, the programs of Natural Science Foundation in Tianjin, International collaboration Projects and so on. Totally, the Department got more than 10 million RMB research funds.
         The faculty undertakes the courses of Nutrition and Food Science for different teaching objects such as undergraduate students, postgraduate and international students, which covers different majors such as preventive medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, medical laboratory science, optometry, rehabilitation medicine and so on. The courses include Nutrition and Food Science, Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, as well as Food Safety. The course of the Nutrition and Food Hygiene is awarded the title “Tianjin Course of Excellence”. In recent five years, the faculty has undertaken more than ten teaching reform projects as the principal investigator and wrote many textbooks as chief editor or deputy editor.