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        The Department of Chemical Biology in School of Pharmacy, Tianjin Medical University was established through the merging of the Department of General Chemistry and Medical Chemistry. The core mission of department is to discover and develop new bioactive chemical entities and novel therapeutics to understand the biological processes of living systems or function as pharmacological tools and preclinical leads.
        Using the combined expertise of scientists from disciplines of chemistry, biology, genetics, engineering, and pharmacology, the Department forms a highly qualified teaching and research team, including 8 professors, 7 associate professors, 5 assistant professors (lecturers) and 4 staffs. Most of the faculty members have overseas research background in world famous universities or institutions. Professor Jingyuan Xu, the deputy Chairman of the Department is one of Tianjin Young Creative Core Talents, and Tianjin Distinguished Professor.
        Combining with advantage of Tianjin Key Laboratory on Technologies Enabling Development of Clinical Therapeutics and Diagnostics (Theranostics), the Department has diverse research interests in the related fields of chemical biology, including bioinorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biosensor, chemical genetics, metallomics, bioinformatics, and DNA nanotechnology. The Department currently undertakes some research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, and Tianjin Natural Science Foundation (Key Project), etc. The total research funding is more than 3.5 million Yuan. More than 100 research articles were published in SCI journals in the past years. The Department also has extensive collaborations with Research Center of Basic Medical Science (Tianjin Medical University) and several universities at home and abroad, such as Nankai University, Tianjin University, City University of Hong Kong, Justus-Liebig-University, Wake Forest University and University Paris VI.
        The major teaching responsibilities of the Department are to teach chemistry and related courses spanning from undergraduate students, graduate students, to international students of Tianjin Medical University. Forty-three courses are offered by our Department. In the past five years, we have completed 1 national teaching project, compiled 9 textbooks (6 as chief editor), and published 8 teaching articles. Our department has obtained 9 teaching award.
        In 2013, our Department was financed by the central government special funds to support the development of local colleges and universities (1 million). The Department also offers graduate programs (research directions) in various aspects of chemical biology, including (1) discover and design novel metal-based active compounds or probes for clinical diagnosis and therapeutics; (2) reveal molecular essence of bioessential metal ions in biological processes; (3) develop novel magnetic targeting therapy system; (4) explore new biosensors with nanomaterials regulated by DNA; and (5) investigate molecular mechanism of drug or active compounds by yeast screening system.