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        The Department of Natural Medicines was established in 2013. It is composed of three research divisions, including Pharmacognosy, Natural Medicinal Chemistry, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
        Our department offers undergraduate courses of Pharmacognosy, Natural Medicinal Chemistry, and Medicinal Botany and Master training programs. It also provides more than 4 advanced courses for graduate students. In the past years, a large number of outstanding scientists have graduated from our department. Some of them have become pacemakers in TCM researching institutes, colleges, and manufacturing sector.
        Our department has a strong faculty team including four full professors, two associate professors, and seven faculty members with PhDs.  The department owns excellent facilities and equipments, offering favorable environment for scientific research. Instruments from the School of Pharmacy are available, including NMR, MS, IR, UV, Fluorometer, and LC-MS, GC-MS, etc.
        Following the steps of TCM modernization, our department is committed to establish a characteristic TCM research system, to develop TCM and natural medicine-based new drugs. Currently, we are mainly involved in four research areas: (i) Bioactive natural product chemistry and new drug discovery, (ii) Species authentication and quality evaluation of TCM, and (iii) chemical basis of TCM complex systems and their mechanism of action.
        In the new era, the Department of Natural Medicines aims at in-depth investigation of key scientific issues in innovative drug discovery, as well as TCM modernization and globalization. We are looking forward to further contribution to traditional Chinese medicine and the TCM industry.