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        Pharmaceutical Analysis is the study of composition, property, quality control, quality assurance and biomedical characteristics of natural, chemical and bioengineering drugs (pharmaceuticals) in simple or complex matrices with emphasis on separation sciences. The contributions made by pharmaceutical analysis have played critical roles in the whole pharmaceutical sciences ranging from the development of concepts, theories and analytical techniques to a variety of practical applications, such as drug design and development applications, quality control and assurance of industrial manufacturing, clinical investigation and application. The Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis was established in 2013. There are 12 faculty members, including 4 professors, 2 associate professors, and 6 research fellows or lecturers, with one supervisor of PhD students. The first chair of the Faculty was Prof. Zhao-Sheng Liu.
         A broad-based curricular system has been constructed with strong basic science, a diversity of clinical experiences and the opportunity for independent study in a variety of research and clinical settings. The curriculum consists of four major components around the pharmaceutical analysis courses: Pharmaceutical Analysis, Analytical Chemistry, Spectroscopic Analysis of Organic Chemistry, and Biopharmaceutical Analysis. Among them, the Pharmaceutical Analysis course has been honored the University Level Model Course.
        The department of pharmaceutical analysis has a long history of compiling of textbooks. The first textbook of pharmaceutical analysis was born here in 2000 with Professor CHEN Qimeng as the chief editor. Currently, a series of textbooks have been compiled. Some of the textbooks have been honored as the National Level Model Textbooks. These materials are aimed to provide readers with large quantity of information on all kinds of analytical techniques.
        Recent research in the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis covers three main aspects, including molecularly imprinted polymers, monolithic column, and capillary electrochromatography. The research outcomes have produced important impact in the related fields domestically and overseas. For example, Dr. Zhao-Sheng Liu has been invited to write related review article for Electrophoresis, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Current Organic Chemistry, and Journal of Separation Science.  Since 2008, more than 50 research articles have been published. Among them, there are over 30 SCI-cited papers, included in Journal of Chromatography A, Electrophoresis, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Current Organic Chemistry, Journal of Separation Science, and Chromatographia. Eight patents were issued. These achievements in scientific research received 1 award at ministerial levels.
        Our faculty members have obtained research funds and grants from various sources. Up to date, the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis is undertaking or has completed a number of national and provincial research projects, including the Grants of National Natural Science Foundation, and the Grants of Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, etc.
        The faculty owns excellent facilities and equipments, offering favorable environment for scientific research. We are equipped with more than 20 HPLC instruments, together with NMR, IR, UV, Fluorometer, UPLC, HPCE, GC/MS and LC/MS.
        The group of pharmaceutical analysis is also active in international academic exchanges and cooperation, and keeps close academic relationships with many research institutions and universities abroad.