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        Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is located in the School of Pharmacy and has highly qualified teaching and research staffs. The department consists of 12 faculty members, including four professors, two associate professors and six lecturers. Two thirds of the faculty members have Ph.D. degrees and four have international education background. Some eminent faculty members are conferred honorable titles, including one winner of National 1000 Young Talents Program, one winner of Tianjin 1000 Talents Program, one Distinguished Yong Teachers in Higher Education of Tianjin and two New Century Excellent Talent of Tianjin Medical University.
        The Department has diverse research programs, actively collaborating with the medical and biological research programs. The research interests in the Department are mainly as follows: 1) smart drug delivery systems for macromolecular drugs; 2) tumor targeted nanoparticle drug carrier; 3) multifunctional nanosystem for the combination therapy against cancer drug resistance; stimuli-responsive polymer nanoparticles for drug controlled release; 4) photodynamic and sonodynamic therapies against tumor. The research projects in the Department were funded by national and provincial research grants, including National Natural Science Foundation of China, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation as well as China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. More than sixty papers have been published in the high level peer-reviewed international journals and about ten patents have been approved in the past five years.
        The Department has the responsibility to teach pharmaceutical sciences and related laboratory courses for undergraduate and graduate students. The courses offered by the Department include Engineering Pharmaceutics, Preparation Workshop Design and Equipment, Pharmaceutical Polymers, Advanced Drug Delivery systems,Principles of Chemical Engineering,etc. Some teaching projects were funded by the Society of Medical Education of Chinese Medical Association and one faculty won the Most Popular Teacher Award of Tianjin Medical University.