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Department of Clinical Pharmacy is located in the School of Pharmacy, Tianjin Medical University. The department established in 2013 is composed of Laboratory of Biopharmaceuticals and Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacy. There are 10 faculty members in the department, including one professor, three associate professors and six lecturers. Among them, nine faculty members have Ph.D. degrees. Professor Dexin Kong, who is Tianjin Distinguished Professor, is the chairman of the department.
        The major research interests of the department are as follows: 1) Discovery and Development of Molecular-Targeted Drugs; 2) Natural Products and their Pharmacological Activities; 3) Clinical Pharmacy.
        While the department consists of a young team at the average age of 36, some research achievements have been made. The current research projects in the department are supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, as well as Tianjin Natural Science Foundation. Up to now, fifty papers have been published in the high level peer-reviewed international journals in the past years. Professor Dexin Kong was awarded “Bridge” fellowship and Invitation fellowship in 2013 and 2012, respectively, by JSPS.
        A good research platform has been built up in the department. To meet the need of performing molecular biology-related research, the department has been equipped with Fluorescent microscope, RT-PCR, Multi-label microplate reader, AlphaScreen plate reader, etc. A cell culture room and an animal room support both in vitro and in vivo research of our team.
        The department has been maintaining close relationship and collaboration with many institutes at home and abroad, including Peking University, Shandong University, Osaka University, as well as Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research.