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        Bioinformatics, a discipline that brings in the methods of mathematics, statistics and computer science to organize and analyze the biological and medical data, and to provide a molecular understanding of living systems, has become an integral component of modern biological and clinical study. The Bioinformatics Department at Tianjin Medical University was launched in 2003 with a goal to develop a teaching and research platform of medical-oriented bioinformatics. Now it has grown into a vibrant interdisciplinary teaching and academic research center with over 20 faculty members with a strong representation from diverse fields such as biology, biomedical engineering, computer science and statistics. The Bioinformatics Department consists of the Bioinformatics Undergraduate Program, the Bioinformatics Graduate Program, and the Computational Biology and the Bioinformatics Research Laboratory. It offers degrees at bachelor, Master and PhD levels, and has trained hundreds of students skillful in both computing and biology. At Bioinformatics Department, our research focuses on creating novel informatics and computationally-based methods and tools for molecular biology and clinical research. The Bioinformatics Department is poised to make greater strides in higher education, research and extension activities in the coming years.