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        The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tianjin Medical University was set up in 1986, which is one of the earliest established BME departments in China. After nearly 30 years of evolution, Medical Engineering Department has been developed into an important education teaching and scientific research system with medical background, coordinately in multidisciplinary areas including biomedical science and engineering both in scopes.
        The core competitiveness of construction of disciplines and scientific research of Medical Engineering Department has been obviously enhanced for many years. Medical Engineering Department also has its own doctoral degree program of BME for first-level discipline as well as Post-doctoral research station. And it characteristically features its medical background as a branch at a medical university.
        Medical Engineering Department provides programs both in undergraduate and postgraduate including Master’s and doctoral degrees. The department has 240 undergraduate students and 90 postgraduate students. It has been focusing on improving education quality in order to build BME a brand major and improve practical and innovative capability of our students. In addition, the department has been granted six National Quality Innovative Experimental Projects including National Quality Courses, National Quality Resource Sharing Programs and a National Talent Cultivation Areas as well as the Professional Brand of BME of Tianjin, Tianjin Teaching Innovation Team and Tianjin Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.
        We take significant responsibilities for crossing discipline development in biomedical science and engineering. Facing up with opportunities and challenges, we will endeavor to enhance the competitiveness of the discipline and training top students for building a first-class research-education type of Tianjin Medical University.